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Are you a working mum?  Who looks after Lylah when you’re at work?  Do you have to pay for childcare?  You must be so tired…

Yes, I’m a mummy, and yes I work.  The phrase working mum crops up a lot in various conversations, and on my long drive home from work today it got me thinking. What is a working mum?  I don’t know about other mummies, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been working since the day my baby girl was born.  Labour was exactly that, hard flipping work!  Recovering from labour…also hard work.  Breastfeeding is single handedly the one thing in my life so far that I have worked the hardest on.  What with feeding, pumping, storing milk, feeding acrobatics, biting (ouch), hair pulling, and all-in-all getting used to this incredibly new and overwhelmingly intimate experience with my daughter, it has been my biggest job to date.  I worked so hard everyday to ensure Lylah got my milk, as well as clothe, bath & play with her, that I know I was a “working mum” from day 1 (or day 0 as they so strangely call it when you a birth a child).

It’s only now that I’m actually back at work/my job/career/actual place I travel to everyday to speak to adults, that I have become a working mum.

But I’m a mum all the time.  And I go to work.  Therefore, I have coined a new phrase (it might not be new, but I haven’t found it on google yet so #icoinedit)

MAW = Mum at Work.  That’s exactly what I am.  I’m a mum, who goes to work, to work and make money, who always, continually, never is not and remains a mother.  Yes, even when I’m working!  For every second of my working day, I am still thinking about my daughter, wondering how she is, hoping that my husband or mum will send me a picture or a video, wondering if she has eaten just breadsticks for lunch again, or if she has found that fluff I kicked under the sofa (I should really phone and tell Chris to pick it up in case she eats it later)

I like MAW, it rhymes with PAW, which reminds me of cute fluffy animals, which Lylah owns a lot of, and therefore it links back, somehow…

So I’m a MAW, and I love it.  I love being a mum, and I love going to work, and I love all that’s in between.

That’s it for now, my first ever blog post.  It won’t change the world, but it at least allowed me to empty my brain of the fluff (different to the fluff Lylah may or may not eat) that was filling it on my drive home tonight.

Thanks for reading.


MAW xx