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So, I wrote my first ever blog post last week, and I’m so pleased I did.  It has had some lovely comments, and has been viewed lots of times and in lots of countries, and for that I am very very grateful!

Why did I start to write a blog?  Especially one about being a mum…

You need only scroll down any new mum’s Facebook feed to see shared links to various blogs, forums, discussions and articles relating to this whole new chapter in their lives.

I knew one thing and that was that somehow, amidst my crazy busy working and being a mummy week, I had to do something to be a bit more creative.  Be it part New Year’s resolution and part an actual need to express myself, it was something I must do.  I thought long and hard about what my blog would represent, and I kept coming back to one thing – the one thing that I am experiencing every single day, and that’s being a mum (I can’t really call myself a new mum anymore as I look at my 1 year old daughter!).  So, why try and be something I’m not?  I’m good at being a mum, and everyday, Lylah does something that is new and funny, so I’m hoping she will naturally feed me with regular blog inspiration!

Now to the title – I wanted something different, not the same old mum blog clichés, and I could only think of one word – juggle.  Because that is all I do, juggle!  I juggle my time as a mummy/a wife/a career woman, with work commitments, family time, social events and play dates.  I also juggle shopping bags and changing bags, colourful toys with Lylah’s lunch tray, my laptop bag and the three bags Lylah insists on taking with her to my mums (okay, so it’s me overpacking them, but you’ve got to be prepared for anything!).  And at the moment I’m also lending a hand with a spot of wedding planning for my little sister!  It’s a never ending, circus themed, juggling act in my house!

So roll up, roll up and welcome to my life!

I like to think of myself and my husband as the jugglers, the people in the household managing multiple elements, each like a juggling ball filled with endless to-do lists and tasks to complete, errands to run and places to be.

Lylah is the ringleader for sure!  I can’t count the number of times I said when I was pregnant “she’ll fit into our lives, we won’t need to change things that much!”  How naive was I?  Lylah dictates everything we do, and do you know what? I wouldn’t change it for the world.  My every decision is now based around my baby daughter and her needs, and she comes before everything else.  Lylah also falls into the role of daredevil/stunt person in our household.  She has always been adventurous in her nature, exploring everything she could as soon as she was able, and as a result, she does something at least 5 times a week that makes me have a mini heart attack.  One of the most scary heart attack moments was when she attempted fire eating (well, coal from the fire eating)…that was an embarrassing call to the doctors.  She’d be pretty good at magic shows as well, seeing as she makes every toy she touches disappear to somewhere else in the house within seconds.   Plate spinning (daily throwing of her dinner plate from the high chair), contortion (squeezing her body into various shapes in order to get behind the sofa/under the chair/out of the playpen) and being generally very funny and clown-like (Lylah makes me laugh A LOT every day, and her cheeks are often rosy), are all other circus acts that she’d be pretty good at.  Her daily acrobatics are also a skill to be admired!

“Jugglehood” is a title that I feel best describes my life everyday.  Juggled is how my brain feels much of the time, and now I have an outlet, somewhere to clear out the fog, and fulfill my need for creativity at the same time.

I’ll finish this post with something that I am currently finding very amusing.  As I have added blog writing to the juggling act, whilst I’m sat typing away, Chris is reading Lylah a story, a lovely end to a day with her daddy.  It’s a singing book, and he doesn’t know the tunes.  And it’s very very funny.  Even Lylah is making noises that better resemble the tune than he is.

Dinner is cooking, the washing is in the tumble dryer, Lylah is going to bed, and the laptop is closing, along with another day in Jugglehood.  Enough juggling for one day…now for Celebrity Big Brother.   What?