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It’s 9:54pm and I’m only just sitting down.  Violins please….

Before you start thinking how it’s because I’ve had a long, drawn out day at work, followed by an evening full of housework and other items on the never ending TDL, I’d better tell you truth.

This evening, (albeit following a long, drawn out day in the office), I went out for dinner, in a restaurant, with friends.  There was some wine involved, although sadly, not drunk by me.

I feel ever so guilty about it, but not because I don’t feel like I’m deserving of this treat, but because of the circumstances that led up to it.

So, yesterday, whilst collecting Lylah from my mum and dads, my mum asked “whose got Lylah tomorrow?”  “Chris has” I said, “you know he always has her on a Thursday”.  “I’m pretty sure Chris said he’s working for 6 straight days now” she assured me…

Certain that I was right and that mum must have misheard, when I got home that evening I asked Chris if he was, as I thought, at home tomorrow.  “Stop winding me up”, he said.

“I’m not!”  I replied, “I genuinely thought you were home, so who is looking after Lylah?!”

And there it was, the first time that our well worked out, so far so good, daily working parents routine, became not quite so well worked out.  I was so annoyed at myself for letting this happen (control control), yet still convinced I was right!

I recently acquired us a family planner, to stop this kind of thing happening.  I’m always double booking things and forgetting to send cards, so laying it all out on one page, one month at a time, means there is no excuse!

I saw Chris walking over to the planner, and inside I’m secretly hoping that it states that tomorrow, he is in fact off, and that this is his mistake.  But no, there it was, a blank little space on tomorrow’s date.  Chris looked at me, all smirky with an “I told you so” written all over his face…ugghh!

Luckily for us, we have a fantastic support network; family who will have Lylah at the drop of a hat, and help us out whenever we need.  I called my mum and she immediately agreed to having Lylah again.  Phew!

I’d organised a couple of weeks ago to have some dinner out with my friends from work, Holly and Kelly, after all, if I’m doing the long drive to get there, I want to make the most out of it, and have some me time with the girls when I can.  I don’t feel guilty about this; it’s so important that mummies get that time to themselves, after being everything they can be for their children.

The next chapter of the childcare saga came this morning just before Chris left for work.  “Bye love.  Oh, I’m on the late tonight.”

“What?!?”  So, he wasn’t going to be able to be back on time to collect Lylah, and I was meant to be going out.  Holly had moved her personal training session to a whole other night, so I can’t let them down now!!

Umm, I don’t actually think I’d communicated my evening’s plans with Chris, so once again #mummyfail…

Again, mum to the rescue!  Upon dropping off Lylah, she happily agreed to take her for few hours longer, even taking my house key so she could bring her home, get her ready for bed at the normal time, and then wait for one of us to return to our parental duties!

So, why do I feel bad?  Well, I’d noticed a missed call from my mum when I left Bristol, so I called her back.  She didn’t know how to put the heating on, so she had been sitting in the cold since 7pm, and it was now 8:15.  She was sitting in her coat, and she really wanted to go to Sainsburys.

Luckily, Chris was nearly home, and she got away after a long 11-hour day looking after our little girl.  And for that I’m so thankful.  So today’s post is dedicated to everyone that helps us with Lylah, so that Chris and I can continue to work and so that I can have some occasional me time.  We thank Mum, Dad, Nan and Granddad who all have Lylah week in, week out, and anyone else who helps us out whenever they can.  We couldn’t do it without you.