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My Blog posts have been waning of late, and what’s my excuse?  Oh yes, I’ve been busy!  I never wanted blogging to become a chore, or something that I have to keep up, more of something that allows me to sit with my thoughts and a laptop, and find five minutes of peace whilst furiously tapping out paragraphs, that you kind and lovely people then read.  Insert smiley face emoticon here, as that makes me very happy.

I’ve been asked by a few people in the last week where my next post is, so for those who asked, and also for those that didn’t, here it is…

I think as life goes on, and I get older, it’s too easy to let yourself fall into a daily routine, which slowly becomes a bit of a rut, that you then find yourself struggling to get out of.  When you become parents, that tends to happen to an even bigger degree, and although you’re life is fulfilled in so many more ways, there are times that you crave to something beside sing “the wheels on the bus” for hours on end!

I’m lucky enough to have lots of very talented friends, and one of these friends is doing some really good work for a local charity, Stand Against Violence.  She has set up an organisation called the Inspiring Social Innovation Society.  She came to me a couple of months back and asked if I would get involved and chair the series of debate nights they are holding for the next year.  I instantly said yes, but inside I was nervous that I was committing myself to something else in my already very busy and filled life, and worried that I wouldn’t be able to commit the time and energy it would need.  But when I thought about it more, it’s one night every month, where I can go and help others, and in this case, support a charity that is doing some great work in inspiring young people, and now with a baby of my own, I also have a vested interest in the future of our local society, and how it will be for the future of our children.

So, the day came where I had to go and do something important.  I was nervous about having to chair, to stand up in front of people and talk, and deliver a professional performance, and I was also very nervous about the impending interview I would have to do with Jeremy Browne MP.

I had been out all day with my mum and Lylah (wedding outfit shopping for mummy – that’s a different blog post all together!), and arrived back to my house running late, feeling flustered, and worrying about what I would wear!  I had an idea in my head, my go to black dress…the one that didn’t do up the last time I tried it.  But I have lost a few pounds, and I’m sure I could squeeze into it….

No such luck.  My mum and my nan tried every effort to get that zip up, but it wouldn’t budge.  Good job really, I probably would’ve passed out and fallen on Jeremy.

I opted for a black skirt with top and jacket.  I looked smart, but felt so overdressed and a little bit old!  I knew there would be lots of trendy young people there, but I was running out of time, and didn’t have any other outfit options, so off I went!

My heart was beating fast when I arrived and I felt a little bit sick.  Like that feeling when you arrive back at school after the holidays!  I don’t know why!  I’m 30 years old and a fairly confident person, but I hadn’t done anything like this in ages!

The people at the Inspiring Social Innovation Society are amazing, a mix of talented young people working really hard to put on events and inspire kids to come and have a voice.  The team were really friendly and I instantly felt at ease.  Plus Mel was there, and she’s one of my best friends, one of those ones who always makes you laugh, every time you see them, and although we were being professional, this time was no different!

When Jeremy arrived, I introduced myself and instantly felt on form.  I had prepared the interview and planned the debate layout, I was feeling ready.  The interview went really well, and the following debate was fantastic.  To see young people ask questions about some real and current issues to members of various authorities was so inspiring, and I couldn’t help thinking just how proud of Lylah I’d be if she turned out like any of these young adults in front of me.

I came away from the event feeling refreshed.  I had used my brain, interviewed a politician, chaired a debate, talked about police and crime with members of various crime services, and most of all, I feel like I’d contributed just a tiny little bit towards something that is doing amazing things for young people.

If you are ever feeling like you’re in a rut, get out and do something.  Whatever it is, do it for yourself.  Get yourself away from your every day and challenge yourself.  For a moment, be someone else, an extension of yourself as a mother/partner/office worker/whatever that may be.   Go for a run, join an evening class, read a new book, do something for charity or learn a new skill.  It doesn’t have to change the world, but it will help.  Believe me.