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A bit like the Carl Frampton match last night, I can feel the next round of a long ol’ slog coming on in the shape of maternity leave round 2!

Tomorrow morning marks the start of the last week of professional work for another year or so…and relax…or not.

In all honesty, I am completely blessed to be able to have 7 whole weeks off before baby number 2’s arrival. First time round, that amount of time would have been spent getting pampered with my feet up, whilst occasionally doing something nesty in preparation for my little princess’ arrival.

So I keep saying that I’m about to have 7 weeks off for a much-needed rest for when baby arrives, but in reality it will be far from that. I will spend my days crouching down over my massively awkward bump to pick up toys off the ground so I don’t slip on them and injure myself, I will be up and down off the floor in various playing stints with Lylah, keeping her busy and occupied for a few minutes at a time, so I can sit upright supported by twenty cushions on the few occasions where she will happily occupy herself. I will be preparing weeks of food for Lylah, which I can freeze down, and bung in the microwave whilst I am busy breastfeeding number 2. I will be attempting to be somewhat organised and pretend that I am a little bit ready for this baby, and pack my hospital bag, wash the newborn clothes, make up the Moses basket and organise the nappys/wipes/cotton wool/creams/infacol/nappy sacks etc etc.

I will be also starting the dreaded, I mean, delightful, toilet training, in the hope that my 2 year old will grace the toilet seat with ease and be an obedient wee’er and poo’er in one week, Gina Ford stylee.

I will mainly be praying that Lylah doesn’t give up her daytime nap just yet, so that for those precious couple of hours, I can actually lay still, close my eyes, and sleep.

But at least I won’t be at work. I will be spending precious hours with my little girl, breathing in those special moments, where for the last time, it will be just me and her.

And then for round 2! Those first few weeks and months of sleepless nights, looking grey and tired in the eyes and face, zombified for all to see, the potential of emotional outbursts for Lylah, followed by the guaranteed emotional outbursts from me.

I don’t mean to turn the maternity leave experience and spending all of that amazing (and tiring) time with your baby into a negative thing, that’s not my intention at all, as it really has been one of the best periods of my life so far, it’s just that its is long hard slog, where you need real stamina, both mentally and physically, a fighting attitude, and one where, especially if co-sleeping is involved, you do actually get punched quite a lot!

I’m looking forward to experiencing the whole thing again, and finding out what’s it like doing it with 2 in tow. The whole premise of this blog was that I would record my experiences of juggling work and being a mum, and all of our adventures along the way.

Well, now that one type of work is nearly over, let the continuation of my work as a mother continue and grow, juggling 2 pooey bums, juggling 2 tantrum wielding little monkeys, juggling a 2 year old and a new born, and juggling all of the things that come with it.

And guess what? I can’t wait for any of it – insert big fat smiley happy face here and a number of posts saying the complete opposite to follow! Jugglehood – round 2!