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Yesterday, my amazing mum and gorgeous little sister surprised me with an intimate baby shower to celebrate the forthcoming arrival of our little boy.

It was a much needed get together of my nearest and dearest, where we had a giggle and ate a gorgeous Guinness cake made by my nan (thanks Nan – it tastes good the next day too!)

My mum asked me a while back whether I wanted a ‘baby shower’ this time, and I said no – not because I didn’t enjoy my first fabulous one, but that I felt guilty about people coming along and bringing gifts etc, for the second time.  My mum admitted yesterday that at first, when I’d said this, she was relieved, as it meant no party planning, but then once she’d had a chat with my sister, they changed their minds and excitedly started planning a little surprise, as they wanted to celebrate this baby as well as my first.  My first baby shower was big and a lot of special people were there, which was amazing and touching, but mum kept this one smaller and more manageable for them, which makes me feel less guilty about them having to host one!

I was secretly really happy that mum and Kay did this for me, and it means I now have some lovely baby boy things – before now, he would’ve been dressed in a lot of pink flowery things from day 1, and wrapped in a soft pink, fluffy blanket!

It also showed me how important it is to celebrate these amazing moments in your life, whether it be with loads of people, or just a few, it’s nice to mark the occasion and take some time to appreciate the amazing thing thats about to happen to your family.

In the midst of potty training (update coming soon), de stressing from work, and feeling slightly ill prepared for this baby’s arrival, yesterday afternoon was a really special moment.  Plus, it was a surprise, so it meant I didn’t have to do anything (slightly unsettling for control freak me, but a nice change!)

I also had a moment where pride surged through my body, as Lylah joined me on the sofa when I was opening some presents, cuddled in to me, then proceeded to show everyone what I just opened for ‘baby brudder’.  Having her there made it even more special.

Plus there was cake, and that’s always a winner!

So thank you mum and Kayleigh, I had a lovely afternoon, and I really appreciate your efforts.

In other news, official first day of Mat leave is today!  It’s been great so far, and Lylah keeps shouting ‘no work for mummy yay’ – did I make it that obvious to her that I couldn’t wait to finish 😉

Next post – potty training…watch this space!