Well hello there, it has been a while. I have been fully immersed in being a mother of two, and all of a sudden Malachy is 5 months old and I haven’t written much about it! I will obviously blame it on the lack of time, energy and brain function.

I feel like I’ve been in a whirlwind for the past 5 months. It feels apt to blog now, as I look back over the summer and the first few hectic months of owning two children! Plus, I have a rare bit of time to myself, whilst Lylah is at play school and Malachy is asleep.

There is so much to cover, which I will in other posts, as I try to resurrect Jugglehood along with my brain, but to start I want to cover the usual. The usual questions that every new mother/mother to a new baby, gets asked:
1. Does he sleep?

I could keep this post really short and say no and leave it at that. Then you would understand why my brain is so fried. But I wouldn’t be entirely telling the truth. Malachy does sleep, but in short bursts, not when I need him to, not much through the night, and hardly ever in the car! It’s bizarre though, because I thought I had trouble with Lylah’s sleep as a baby, but she was great in hindsight! I just couldn’t deal with it then. But being awake from 2:30 most nights and surviving on blips of sleep from that time until breakfast seems to not affect me so much the second time round. Or maybe I’m fooling myself, as there are probably numerous occasions where I could and have blamed lack of sleep. One being this morning one I strapped Malachy into his car seat after I’d dropped Lylah off at play school. I was about to start the engine, but I heard him moaning a tad, but there was something odd about it. It wasn’t coming from the right side of the car! I looked around, and there he was, sat facing forward, strapped into Lylah’s car seat! He seemed to quite enjoy it, he was sat up nice and straight and didn’t look that out of place! I swiftly got out of the car and put him in his correct seat, announcing loudly to the other mums what I’d done, just to acknowledge my stupidity! Yeah…lack of sleep.

2. Is he a good boy?

What does this question even mean? Babies are good, they can’t be naughty. Oh yes, it refers to sleep, and whether they do it. See above.

3. How is Lylah with her new baby brother?

I spent the first three months or so answering this question positively, as she was honestly fine with him, and his arrival didn’t seem to affect her at all.
However, he can now do stuff, and Lylah isn’t enjoying that so much. She finds everything rubbish, she won’t share her toys, she screams when he pulls her hair, and she hates it when his little chubby legs kick her. She doesn’t like it if he stares at her, and tried to manually turn his head around, and she moans when he wakes up with a “Mummy, he’s awake agaaaaaiiiinnnn….” So, I’d say that at the moment she’s not so cool with him.

4. What does he weigh now?

A little bit more than the last time you asked me.

These are the biggies amongst a plethora of questions that get thrown your way, and to be honest, you may get a different answer everyday. He changes all the time, sometimes he sleeps well, other times he doesn’t. Sometimes he’s good, sometimes not so. Lylah mostly loves Malachy, but sometimes I bet she wishes she could put him in the washing machine.

All in all, its been a fun first few months, and as a family, we’ve adapted to having the new one on board. But don’t expect much from me by way of intelligent conversation!