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Whilst I was busy hoovering my kitchen a moment ago (STOP PRESS!!), I was aware that I was muttering away to myself about a subject that has been bothering me this week.

It has to do with the ‘Motherhood Challenge’ Facebook game that has been circulating our news feeds.

Cue lots of retorts from non-mothers about why its okay to be a non-mother, further response from mothers defending their right to post pictures of their children etc etc…it goes on.

It’s things like this that really get my goat with Facebook.  It’s not a friendly place anymore.  We seem to live in a cyber world where it is okay to make someone feel bad about just about anything they choose to post on their social media pages.

Back to the ‘Motherhood Challenge’ posts.  I myself have been nominated to do such a post (I simply haven’t got around to it), and I personally don’t see any harm in it.  I have seen lots of friends posting their happiest pictures, and these have made me smile.  I’m almost certain this would have been my reaction to their pictures if I didn’t have children of my own, because, well, I quite like cute babies.  I say almost certain, because there is a small part of me that saw the posts, and cringed slightly.  There are so many women out their who can’t or choose not to have children, and posts like these do form a kind of us and them situation, whether you choose it to come across that way or not.  If I was in the no children camp, would these posts have started to upset me?  Well, yes they probably would, if children is the one thing you wanted most in the world.

There is no right or wrong here – Facebook is a place where people should feel free to upload whatever is going on in their lives at that time, and believe me that can change drastically over the years (believe me I WISH I could post as many holiday shots as I used to!).

I think my point is that we shouldn’t make each other feel bad about it.  The people on our Facebook pages are (supposed to be) our friends.  It is not a competition.  I LOVE looking at people’s drunken night out photos, because quite frankly, I want to be them.

The “Be Like Bill” posts were beyond annoying.  Again, post want you want to – it’s your page.  I have resorted to unfriending someone if they annoy me that much.  Yes, it really is that simple!  This also doesn’t mean that an unfriended Facebook friend can’t be a real-life friend.  Because, people, Facebook isn’t REAL!

So for now, my 9 year love affair Mark Zuckerburg’s brain child is luke warm.  I still love it for celebrating special occasions, posting pictures of my children and commenting uselessly about my day, and of course to share these words with you lovely people.  I just think I’ll approach it with more caution these days, and I certainly won’t use it to make someone else feel bad about their life choices and personal situation.